esto fue lo que encontraron en el fondo de un cenote de Yucatán México

This Sunday December 6, a group of archaeologists carry out cleaning work in the sacred cenotes located in the Mayan region of Mexico in Kopomá, Yucatán when they found a series of devices that took them by surprise.

There are at least 100 artifacts that they consider highly polluting, due to their metallic content. A news that aroused the curiosity of many when comparing the finding with Antikythera Mechanism.

And is that some of the pieces are highly corroded by the passage of the years and oxidation, so that in some of these devices it is no longer so well distinguished how they were originally. However, some still remain almost intact to close the way to speculation.

Recently, in this same region, but in the Gulf Sea, a ship had been found with Mayan slaves who were extracted from Mexico by the Spanish around 1855, despite the fact that slavery was supposedly abolished.

In addition, the tomb of the Mayan ruler Pakal has been filled with conspiracy theories thanks to the American program History Channel, which dismissed the intelligence of these civilizations attributing everything to the «aliens» and the technology that they «inherited from them».

So it was believed that this new discovery in the cenotes would be some type of Mayan device, however it was light measuring devices.

The more than one hundred artifacts were found next to other types of waste thrown by some people such as refrigerators, toilets, mattresses, tires, pesticide containers, plastics, bottles, cans, witchcraft objects, diapers, televisions, radios, fans, among others strange devices.

Archaeologists are concerned about the level of pollution that people can cause in the cenotes, and it is that not only are there prehistoric bones such as teeth of ancient dinosaurs recently found, but there is still a unique flora and fauna in the region.

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