luces de terremoto en mexico lights earthquake acapulco

In the middle of an earthquake in Mexico this 7 september 2021, several lights began to illuminate the sky, and no, they are not only energy transformers.

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Some users alluded to the «HAARP project», a study carried out by the military in the United States years ago, and that its history has been filled with conspiracy theories. Experts and official versions indicate that only the ionosphere and telecommunications were studied in this project.

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Some foreign users sought to explain the strange lights in the sky as exploding transformers. And, although some transformers did explode the lights in the sky, they were due to a natural phenomenon.

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In this video taken at Las Brisas de Acapulco more activity can be seen in the sky.

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A Spanish user in Mexico called this phenomenon that occurred in CDMX «Fuegos de San Telmo». There is another scientific name for it: Triboluminescence.

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Another user in Mexico City caught the phenomenon from Roma Norte.

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