Since 2020, Perenco and Petrofac, two british oil companies dedicated to extracting crude oil in the Mexican state of Tabasco, have operated irresponsibly causing explosions and oil spills in the region, affecting flora and fauna on at least 400 hectares of the municipality of Cárdenas. Also they have repressed with violence the mexicans who own these lands.

This oil companies are using legal loopholes, Domínguez denounces Axency, they are reporting their operational failures and explosions as vandalism to avoid paying the owners and community members for the pollution-damage caused.

These oil companies not only destroy the regional environment, but also transform the social system, since they have taken away job opportunities from Tabasco people in the region by not providing jobs to locals.

While World Economic Forum (WEF) it’s talking about «no more coal power», british oil companies are affecting other people lives in México with pollution.

The people of Tabasco from the affected ejidos (check on Wikipedia) have not only lost their lands, investments and employment opportunities, but also the water that they previously used for all their survival alternatives such as cattle ranching and agriculture. The contaminated water causes the abortion of the cattle and the deterioration of the soil makes it impossible to grow anything. Even the grasslands themselves are affected by the spilled oil.

Two British oil companies making mexicans homeless

Some people from Tabasco are being forced to leave their homes and migrate to other areas. Domínguez tells how before, the Mexican state oil company (PEMEX) made investments in the region; now with these foreing private companies, social investment is zero. Nor are they responsible, they only seek private benefit.

Erick Domínguez and Juan Domínguez, along with landowners, community members and ejidatarios have denounced to the media, as well as NGOs and the Government of Mexico how this affects more than 100 peasants in the area, however they continue to not be treated properly.

The main cause is the de facto power of these companies over local governments. But ruining other people’s lives will always have repercussions sooner or later.

Perenco and Petrofac: a horror story in Africa, Europe and Americas

Perenco and Petrofac, two international companies that have wreaked havoc in Mexico, have a horrible track record in Africa, Europe and Latin America. In Africa there are even organizations dedicated to the conservation of the environment that denounce the ecological disaster they have caused. But apparently they remain unpunished.

The funny thing is that both oil companies belong to two countries that have committed to reducing climate change, and even give speeches at the G20 and G7 on responsibility for the environment. They have also promoted in Mexico reducing the use of hydrocarbons. So these actions do not match the flower speeches of his prime ministers.

Recently, the mexican National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH, spanish) gave a setback and has already rejected Perenco’s work program for 2022. Meanwhile, the oil company continues to operate.

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