Luis Arce, virtual president of Bolivia; MAS Evo’s party is back

The candidate Luis Arce, from the MAS party, was declared virtual president of Bolivia after a long afternoon of uncertainty, finally early on Monday, October 19, Jeanine Áñez Chavez recognized the overwhelming advantage.

Likewise, former President Evo Morales had celebrated from Argentina the advantage of the candidate who is running in the same party that led him to be President, as well as a majority in the two legislative chambers.

«My sincere congratulations to the brothers @LuchoXBolivia and @LaramaDavid for this great victory, and to the elected authorities, the Legislative Assembly, the social movements, the militants and supporters of MAS-IPSP, I thank them for their effort and commitment to #Bolivia.» Morales tweet

The elections held amid the coronavirus pandemic have been considered peaceful by some media. The former Bolivian Minister of Health considered that a president elected by the people will help bring greater certainty to the population regarding medical care and possible vaccination.

Luis Arce thanks the people of Bolivia for their support

After conducting quick counts, the MAS won the general elections giving the 52.4% preference to candidate Luis Arce, reports Bolivia Prensa. The virtual president thanked the Bolivian people for their participation in these elections.

Moments of tension due to elections

During some moments, several users reported that the count had been stopped, that the website that offers the results of the elections in Bolivia had fallen, and that the military presence had increased in the streets.

And the fact is that the tension had grown after, hours before, it was reported in networks that police officers had detained MAS delegates, calling on international institutions.

⚠️Polices kidnap delegates of MAS @BOmereceMAS and the theft of tally sheets begins. In this way they can guarantee electoral fraud!

Likewise, abroad, some Bolivians were criticized in a threatening tone, as happened to a biology student in France while waiting for the vote count.

Añez recognizes victory for Arce and Choquehuanca

Jeanine Áñez would have committed herself to respecting and enforcing the democracy of her country, which is why she recognized Mr. Arce’s advantage from her Twitter account, she wrote:

We still do not have an official count, but from the data we have, Mr. Arce and Mr. Choquehuanca have won the election. I congratulate the winners and ask them to govern thinking of Bolivia and democracy.

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