You’ve been hacked!

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      You’ve been hacked!

      Now we have all the information about you and your accounts:

      + all your logins and passwords from all accounts in payment systems, social. networks, e-mail, messengers and other services (cookies from all your browsers, i.e. access without a login and password to any of your accounts)

      + history of all your correspondence by e-mail, messengers and social. networks

      + all files from your PC (text, photo, video and audio files)

      Changing your username and password will not help, we will hack you again.

      Pay a ransom of $ 250 and you can sleep peacefully without worrying that all information about you and all your accounts, files and personal correspondence will not become public and will not fall into the hands of intruders.

      Bitcoin wallet to which you want to transfer $ 250 1MaRdde6X7SGuoCdFNL2fmgpLomdx7peGC

      If you do not pay until tomorrow evening, then we will sell all this information on the darknet, there is a huge demand for such information

      Pay $ 250 and sleep well!

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      I guess after checking my bank account you will have discovered that I am poor.
      I kindly invite you to donate my paypal account or to my BTC address

      Once you know me, you will know that I really need that money, and that I belong to the people. I die with people. If you attack me, then I have no defense other than the people themselves.

      If you decide to attack this poor web and this poor people, then so be it. I have no defense. I invite you to donate a good amount and full of love to my account, and anonymous sir, you can feel satisfied that you have done well for this day. That money will go to a good cause. Axency it’s that cause.


      Please donate the amount of money you want, and be reborn again.

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